LeafSpring School at Charter Colony

About Us

Nicole Eubanks-Lambert and her husband, Jim Lambert, became customers of LeafSpring School, formally Rainbow Station, when their son, Ryan, was in first grade. Later their daughter, Hanna, became a Gold Room pre-K student. Both children remained with LeafSpring School until they were in middle school. The Lamberts’ passion for the care and education of their own children grew into a passion for the mission of LeafSpring School.

LeafSpring School at Wyndham is a franchise location wholly owned and operated by Keiko Company. The Lamberts became franchisees in 2004 and opened their Wyndham school in 2007. Nine years later, they opened their second school in Charter Colony. The Lamberts are proud to provide such an essential service and support to the families in the community in which they live. They believe there is no greater work than the education of young minds.